Answered: Is G2A Legit? And Why?

Answered: Is G2A Legit? And Why?

G2A Legitimate?

Finding its way on to the WWW in the early days of 2012, it is apparent the online game retail giants, are a well established company but does this alone necessarily make them legitimate? The short answer is no but that doesn’t go to say that they aren’t.

In the nigh on four years the website has been operating G2A have accumulated over 6 million customers. One could argue that having such a large customer base means G2A are a site of integrity and honesty. Whilst this is correct, it isn’t conclusive proof of their validity (at least not to the over-suspicious people among us). To prove this we need to bring out our magnifying glasses, don our deer-stalker hats, light our pipes and dig deeper in to G2A.

G2A Partners

G2A has a multitude of famous partners including hugely popular YouTubers alongside hugely successful gaming companies such as Logitech and Razer. I was actually quite surprised to see titans such as Amazon, Red Bull and even Google had joined their deep pool of partners.

I’m by no means an expert but surely entering a partnership with a company is a testimonial of trust and feel these corporate behemoths wouldn’t partner with a business based on cool website graphics or flashy features. Instead, they will be looking for professionalism, efficiency and above all – integrity. Should a potential partner not fall in to these categories (and a lot more) then there is no way these mammoth corporations would enter a partnership.

G2A Shield

G2A are clearly keen to give their buyers peace of mind throughout their transactions. To ensure this and to give the customer 100% assurance they  implemented a feature they coined ‘G2A Shield’. G2A Shield is a service G2A offer for a small fee that guarantees a full refund should anything go wrong. They even offer you 10% cashback for using this which more than pays for the fee (most of the time).

Allowing the general public to sell keys using G2A as a platform can sometimes have its drawbacks in terms of product legitimacy and dishonest sellers. Thankfully, G2A Shield lives up to its namesake covering both the backs of the buyers and in turn, G2A themselves. G2A Shield is available for a flat fee of just 1 Euro ($1.06 USD) which is a more than fair price for such a guarantee.

So, in a nutshell, yes, G2A are as legitimate as legitimacy itself. Sadly, they do have the occasional bad egg that seeks to tarnish their good name but with G2A Shield you can eradicate any needless worry. It’s always best to seek out a highly scrupulous vendor and with G2A you have exactly that. Not only will they ensure your buyer protection with G2A shield but their extremely helpful (and friendly) support team have both the experience and knowledge to help you every step of the way should the highly unlikely need arise.

I personally have used G2A for countless transactions and have experienced nothing but the best each and every time. Reliable, inexpensive, efficient and friendly too. have the whole package.

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