I Still Won’t Do It: The Highscore House!

I Still Won’t Do It: The Highscore House!

Trick You Kids to do Their House Chores!

The Highscore House is a website and mobile app that allows you to monitor your kids chore completion, and reward your kids for a job well done!

The setup is simple: both child and parent have an account, when a child finishes a predetermined chore, he check it off the list in return for points and rewards. On the parents end, they approve that the chore is completed and reward the child when he cashes in his points with prizes like riding shot gun in the car. The whole experience is lighthearted and visually appareling, and most importantly, chores will be fun!


  • Reminder of Chores: The Highscore House game lists daily tasks, so kids can no longer “forget” to do their homework, and parents will remember what they told their kid to clean.
  • Fun Interface: The interface is child-friendly with bright colours, cartoons, and interactive, which makes it very engaging and welcoming!
  • Personalized: Each child gets his or her own “room” where they go to cross off lists and collect points. Parents get to customize their childs’ tasks, rewards, and points for the tasks and rewards.
  • Progression and points: Kids get a clear sense of progression by seeing the points they’ve collected and how many tasks they’ve accomplished to date. It teaches them the value of saving, while encouraging the right kind of behaviour!
  • Rewards: Highscore House encourages parents to set up short-term and long-term rewards, and a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards such as a story time or an xbox game.

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